Only high quality, natural products, wax blends, essential & mineral free oils are used in all our treatments.

Any massage treatment can be adapted to side-lying for those unable to lay on their back or front.

Swedish – £35.00 – 60 minutes

This massage helps to improve the overall health of the individual, having a positive effect on the mind & body. 

Holistic/Remedial – £35.00 – 60 minutes

Do what you feel. Massage pressure & technique is adapted to suit you. Any aches & pains are helped with stretches, deep tissue & myofascial release techniques. If your stressed the routine will be tailored to relax, but all should uplift you soul.

Deep Tissue – £35.00 – 60 minutes

Lets work those knots. Deep tissue massage works on the deeper layers of muscle & fascia. During the treatment the therapist will use forearms, knuckles, light stretching & trigger point therapy. The pressure is a lot firmer & slower than traditional massage.  

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage Treatments – £40.00 – 60 minutes

No room for feeling salty. Warmed Himalayan Salt Stones are used to massage the body, which due to the natural negative ions from the warmed stones will give a revitalizing & grounding effect, soothing away any tension & stress. Helps to bringing the mind, body & spirit back into balance, giving way to deep relaxation, improved sleep, reduces inflammation & encourages a sense of Peace.

There is a choose of two routines:-

Deep Tissue – Helps to rebalance the bodies energy, whilst soothing away aches & pains.

Recover – Gently helping to relieve stress, rebalance energy & improve emotions.

 Detox Lymphatic Drainage Massage – £35.00 – 60 minutes

Clean & Clear. Deeply relaxing, very gentle therapy encourages the movement of fluid (lymph) through the body, reducing fluid retention, inflammation, improving skin tone & the appearance of cellulite. Helps strengthen the immune system, soothes pain, promotes healing following trauma injury or surgery. Helps improve the appearance & texture of scar tissue & stretch marks. 

Pregnancy/Side lying – £35.00 – 60 minutes

 Time for you Mum. A relaxing massage tailored for Mums to be. Full of gentle stretches, light compression & soothing massage moves to ease aching muscles. The increased blood circulation from this massage brings fresh oxygen & nutrients to you & your baby, at the same time boosting your immune system. Massage can help to regulate blood pressure & lower stress hormones, helping to calm & relax both mother & baby, hopefully encouraging a good nights sleep.

Only offered in the second & third trimesters.

Aromatherapy – £35.00 – 60 minutes

Nature just keeps on giving. Pure essential oils extracted from flowers, fruits, plant resins & herbs are blended together to creating a unique massage experience designed to give you a natural boost. The oils you choose will be absorbed into the body through the skin & inhalation, helping improve emotional & physical wellbeing.

Alternatively you’re more than welcome to choose one of the following blends:-

Soothing – Black Pepper, Rosemary & Sandalwood, ease & soothe your aches & pains away.

Uplifting – Lemon, Lavender & Sandalwood. For a little well deserved pick me up.

Calm & Clear – A blend of Chamomile, Lavender & Neroli. To calm & soothe a worried mind.

Women kind – Petitgrain, Lavender & Ylang-ylang. A very feminine blend to help bring back balance. A bit of you time.

Indian Head – £30.00 – 45 minutes

It’s a headspace thing. Indian Head is a seated massage working on the Ayurvedic concept, which goes beyond healing, placing emphasis on balancing the body’s energy & restoring calm. This massage focuses on the shoulders, neck, scalp & face. Using techniques to improve joint mobility & relieve pain. Leaving you feeling calmer more relaxed, refreshed & better able to concentrate. The use of nutrient-rich oils is optional, but highly recommend for its beneficial effects on the skin, hair  & scalp. This treatment can also be carried out over clothing.

Jennifer Young Oncology Massage – £35.00 – 60 minutes

Gently, softly, you’ve got this. This treatment soothes, calms & supports those during, & after cancer treatment. So gentle it relaxes your body & mind, gently eases pain & can help with disturbed sleep. It is safe for those undergoing treatment, as well as those in pain, frail or palliative in need of comfort. 

Half an Hour Massage £20


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