Reflexology works by stimulating specific points on either the hands or feet. These reflexes correspond to different parts of the body, working them helps encourage natural healing, restores balance, energy & vitality. Reflexology can help with a wide range of problems such as stress, depression, IBS, menopause, aches & pains to name but a few. It may also help bring your mind & body back into a state of calm.

All Reflexology treatments include foot or hand massage, zone therapy, Reflexology, aftercare advice & self-help hand demonstration to carry out at home in between treatments.

Reflexology Treatment – £35.00 – 60 minutes

This focuses on whatever you & your body needs helping to restore balance..

Menopause Reflexology Treatment – £35.00 – 60 minutes / £45.00 – 75 minutes for additional anti-inflammatory routine

This menopause sequence is focused on helping your body to sail through this next stage in your life. Focusing on hormone rebalancing, inflamation reducing, stress calming & relaxiation. will be given home reflexology moves as well as nutrition & lifestyle advice that can help lower stress & hopefully some of the big M symptoms you may be experiencing.

The 75 minute routine has an extra 15 minutes of anti-inflammatory reflexology moves.

Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage – £35.00 – 60 minutes

This reflexology treatment focuses on the Lymphatic system. It’s aim is to help cleanse the body, boost the immune system, reduce inflammation & help lower stress.

This can be beneficial to some auto-immune conditions.

Spinal Reflexology Treatment – £35.00 – 60 minutes

Working on the spinal reflexes of the foot to improve the communication between the nervous system & the rest of the body, encouraging self healing. This treatment can help to ease tension, stress & back pain.

Hand Reflexology Treatment – £35.00 – 60 minutes

This treatment is carried out on the hands, it is an alternative to the feet if for whatever reason the feet reflexes cannot be treated.

For Facial Reflexolgy go to Facial Treatment page.


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