Massage Therapies

Massage can help reduce stress, relax, rejuvenate & soothes away aches & pains, helping the body to get rid of toxins.

Reiki can be included for an additional £10.00, there is no extra cost for this add on for the cancer massage.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage, a very powerful detox treatment,

which also helps inflammatory conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Jennifer Young Massage is for anyone living with or beyond cancer even during treatment,

So gentle others not usually able to experience massage will be fine with this therapy.

The Himalayan Salt Stone Massage Treatments use either warm or cold Salt Stones,

Massaged over the body to relax & soothe the muscles,

At the same time rebalancing energy & remineralising the body. 

Only high quality, wax blends, essential & natural oils are used in all our treatments.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

£35.00 for 60 minutes
This deeply relaxing, very gentle therapy encourages the movement of fluid (lymph) through the body, Reducing fluid retention & inflammation whilst improving skin tone& cellulite.

Also helps to strengthen the immune system.
It soothes pain & promotes healing following trauma injuries or surgery.

This treatment also helps improve the appearance & texture of scar tissue & stretch marks.
It can relieve the symptoms of chronic conditions such as:

Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome
Rheumatoid Arthritis & other joint inflammation
Same neurological conditions
Acne/Rosacea & other skin conditions please see facials

Please see Complete Decongestive Therapy for the treatment of Lymphoedema & Lipoedema.

Useful Link

 John Ossipinsky – Info on the Lymphatic system, how it works & advice on keeping you healthy.

Himalayan Salt Stone Treatments

These full body Himalayan Salt Stone Treatments help nourish, balance & remineralise the body & systems,

At the same time relaxing the mind.

Warm, hand carved, Salt Stones from the Himalayan Mountains are used to massage the body in specific combinations helping to relax the body, mind & spirit.

This results in deep relaxation,

Improved sleep,

Reduced inflammation &  encourage a sense of Peace. 

Stones can also be used warm, cold & in a warm cold combination,

Which can help flush out toxins, invigorate & soothe inflammation.

£35.00 for 60 minutes

Deep Tissue – Rebalances the bodies energy, whilst soothing away aches & pains

Recover – Relieves stress, rebalance energy & improve emotions

For our warm Himalayan Salt Stone facial, please see facials. 

Scleroderma Therapy

£35.00 for 60 minutes
Specialised lymphatic drainage massage techniques help to ease the symptoms of both Scleroderm & Fibromyalgia

Useful Link

 John Ossipinsky – Info on the Lymphatic system, how it works & advice on keeping you healthy.

Jennifer Young Oncology Massage

£30.00 for 60 minutes

Tailored for those living with & beyond Cancer.

This very gentle therapy helps relax your body & mind,

Eases pain & has been known to help with disturbed sleep.

It is safe for those undergoing treatment,

As well as those in pain, frail or palliative in need of comfort.

Reiki can be added to the treatment for a small additional cost.


£30.00 for up to 60 minutes

A remedial massage for aches and pains.

Includes stretching, deep tissue and myofascial release techniques,

Adapted to help your specific muscular problems.

A 30 Minute massage is ideal for back & shoulder problems.

Deep Tissue

£30.00 for up to 60 minutes
Deep tissue massage works on the deeper layers of muscle & fascia.

During the treatment, the therapist will use forearms, knuckles, light stretching & trigger point therapy,

The pressure is a lot firmer & slower than traditional massages helping to ease & stretch, sore, tight muscles.

For an alternative to traditional Deep Tissue Massage please see Warm Himalayan Salt Stone Treatments.

Indian Head

£30.00 for 60 minutes

Indian Head is a seated massage working on the Ayurvedic concept, which goes beyond healing, placing emphasis on balancing the body’s energy & restoring calm.

This therapy focuses on the shoulders, neck, scalp & face.

Using techniques to improve joint mobility & relieve pain,

Leaving you feeling calmer more relaxed, refreshed & better able to concentrate.

The use of nutrient-rich oils is optional but highly recommend for its beneficial effects on the skin, hair  & scalp.

This treatment can also be carried out over clothing.


£30.00 for up to 60 minutes

This treatment is developed around what you feel you need on the day.


£35.00 for 60 minutes

Pure fragrant essential oils extracted from flowers, fruits, plant resins & herbs are blended together to creating a unique massage experience designed to give you a natural boost.

The oils you choose will be absorbed into the body through the skin & inhalation helping improve emotional & physical wellbeing.

Alternatively your more than  welcome to choose one of the following blends:

Aches & Pains

Black Pepper, Rosemary & Sandalwood

Ease & soothe your aches & pains, away.


Lemon, Lavender & Sandalwood

For a little well deserved pick me up

Calm & Clear

A blend of Chamomile, Lavender & Neroli

To soothe & calm a worried mind

Women kind

Petitgrain, Lavender & Ylang-ylang

A very feminine blend to help bring back balance, a bit of you time.

Pregnancy/Side lying

£30.00 for 60 minutes

A relaxing massage that uses safe massage techniques, gentle stretching & compression to soothe aching muscles.

The increased blood circulation brings fresh oxygen & nutrients,

at the same time boosting your immune system.

Massage can help to regulate blood pressure & lower stress hormones,

Helping to calm & relax both mother & baby, hopefully encouraging a better nights sleep.

Only offered in the second & third trimesters

Also great for those who can’t lay on back or front.


£30.00 for 60 minutes
Using techniques designed to relieve stress & tension,

At the same time increasing blood circulation, Bringing fresh nutrients to the cells & helping to eliminate metabolic waste from your muscle tissues.
This massage helps to improve the overall health of the individual receiving it, having a positive effect on the mind & body.
So if you’re feeling run-down this is the perfect treatment

Natural oils are used to nourish the skin, whilst the massage pressure & technique is adapted to suit your preference & needs.

Body Brush & Massage - Cellulite Reducing Treatment

£40.00 for 75 minutes

(Include Facial Brush Mini Facial Additional £10.00)

The body brush treatment exfoliates, reduces cellulite, increases circulation, tone & improves skin condition, this is followed by a light, soothing massage, which leaves you with lovely, smooth & glowing.

The mini facial comprises of a refreshing cleanse, tone, facial brush exfoliation & moisturise.

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